Why Homoeopathy

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Why Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy offers highly effective and safe health solutions for a wide range of diseases. homoeopathy also has a history of successfully treating a number of cases where surgery was imminent.

Homoeopathy is a science of alternative medicine invented by German Physician & Scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), rebellious allopath in 1826 in Germany. Master Hahnemann, at peak of frustration, conceived a unique idea which laid foundation of homoeopathy. He gifted the medical world with golden rule of Similia Similibus curenture which means let likes be cured by likes. By this he meant that a drug cures in the diseased person, what it caused in healthy persons. He exemplified this with his first drug china. He demonstrated that china [cinchona bark, having quinine] cured malaria, because it had ability to produce malaria like symptoms in healthy persons. He perfected this analogical model in next 50 years against all vociferous allopaths. He perfected A to Z of homoeopathy with saintly devotion. Even some of those diseases for which no help is available with other systems of medicine can be effectively treated with homoeopathy.

Benefits Of Homoeopathy

  • Homoeopathy is safe and free from side-effects. They do not have any chemical action, so they do not have the potential to cause any sustained damage. The doses are given in sub-physiological quantities. So they can be given to children and adults alike without worrying about the dosage. Safe for every one.
  • Homoeopathy gives a rapid, gentle and permanent results in all cases.
  • It is beneficial in treating both acute and chronic health conditions. Infact, it has a solution for every chronic disease, even those that have been given the label of 'incurable' by other systems of medicine.
  • It is very easy to take homoeopathic medicines. Usually, they are given to the patient in the form of sweet sugar pills that are tasty to eat. Thus, kids become ready to consume them.
  • These medicines are inexpensive, when compared to allopathic and ayurvedic drugs and thus are very much affordable.
  • The diagnostic procedure of homoeopaths is hassle free and doesn't involve expensive time-consuming tests. They rely on the patient's symptoms and accordingly give them doses.
  • It is suitable for persons of all age groups.
  • It is non-toxic and produces absolutely no chemical side effects.
  • The use of homoeopathy often avoids surgery.

Future Scopes Of Homoeopathy

  • It will be the second most sought after system , second to allopathy.
  • After superb conquest of bacterial infection by antibiotics, in future viral infections will rule and homoeopathy is best with viral infections.
  • With increasing medicinal costs , for poor it will be the only option left.
  • Increase in stress and psychiatric diseases and allergic diseases, it will be an ideal choice.
  • In prevention of diseases, it will be used more.
  • It will be a drug of choice in veterinary field.

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